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University Hospital

Prof. Philippe Eckert
General Director

Welcome to the Lausanne University Hospital, better known in French as CHUV!

Located in the heart of the Lake Geneva "Health Valley", CHUV is one of Switzerland's five university hospitals and one of the fifteen best in the world, according to a 2020 classification by Newsweek magazine

Our public service hospital plays a leading role in the fields of medical care, research and training, thanks to its collaboration with the Faculty of Biology and Medicine at the University of Lausanne (UNIL).

With a vision of medicine at the crossroads of the sciences and humanities, CHUV also has numerous links within Switzerland and abroad.

I hope that the pages of this website, as well as the In Vivo selection of projects below, will help you to gauge the pulse of our hospital: every project makes its own contribution towards the “thinking health” of the future.

Welcome again!

Key numbers

Explore our hospital’s 2019 profile via a few key figures.



billion (annual budget in Swiss francs)



patients hospitalised







Overview of innovative projects

From bio-bandages for people suffering from severe burns to new weapons against cancer, discover the In Vivo magazine's selection of innovative projects from the CHUV "incubator".

Tackling cancer treatment resistance with FLASH

FLASH radiotherapy is a new form of treatment pioneered by the CHUV Service of radiation oncology.

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Immunotherapy for children

To fight lymphoblastic leukaemia in children and young adults, the UNIL CHUV Oncology Department and our paediatric oncology consultation have developed an innovative immunotherapy in collaboration with Seattle Children's Hospital.

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Walking again

High hopes are being raised by the STIMO project, which has enabled some paralysed persons to regain the use of their legs.

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Healing severe burn victims

A pioneer in biological bandages for burn victims, CHUV now hopes to give them antimicrobial properties.

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Uncovering the mysteries of lymph

Unique in Switzerland, CHUV’s lymphatic vessel imaging technique is improving treatments for lymphoedema.

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A close look at the Lausanne inhabitants

The CoLaus|PsyCoLaus study includes more than 6,700 inhabitants of the city of Lausanne in Switzerland followed for over 15 years. The results of the study have already given rise to more than 470 publications.

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Redefining a night's sleep

Since 2009, HypnoLaus has collected more than 2,000 samples of sleep data from non-selected participants aged 40 to 80.

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Giving birth in a more natural position

Imaging, biomechanics and obstetrics professionals are joining forces to find the best positions for vaginal delivery.

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Adapting hospitals for our seniors

CHUV aims to turn itself into a more elderly-friendly hospital by 2023. Measures are planned to adapt the pace and type of care.

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Think health

The multi award-winning In Vivo magazine published by CHUV and produced in conjunction with the LargeNetwork agency offers an overview of medical innovation in French-speaking Switzerland and throughout the world. With the "Think health" editorial line, it first tackles the issues of health policies and the ethical aspects of modern medical practice. The magazine has a print run of 17,500 copies, is translated into English for the digital version, and features an infographic supplement called In Extenso.

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