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Innovation Office

Skills, ideas and individuals come together to make the CHUV a leading player in innovation.

The creativity and skills of the CHUV’s 13,000 employees enable it to develop and adopt solutions for continual progress in research, training and care.

The Innovation Office promotes innovative ideas within the hospital:

  • It advises and supports CHUV staff to turn their innovative ideas with likely clinical benefits into reality, particularly in relation to medical devices and digital technologies.
  • It facilitates innovation collaborations by bringing internal and external partners together.

Its missions

Through the transfer of its knowledge and technologies, the CHUV ensures that society as a whole benefits from its research.

Overview of innovative projects

Its partners

The Innovation Office reinforces the links between experts in data science, artificial intelligence and medical technologies. It thus collaborates with other departments at the CHUV to facilitate the innovation pathway.

Commercialization of research results

The PACTT (UNIL-CHUV Technology Transfer Office) is the preferred contact for any collaboration, partnership or association with UNIL-CHUV researchers. It establishes contacts with industrial and financial investors.

Working with specialists in data science and artificial intelligence

The specialists at the Biomedical Data Science Center collaborate with clinician-researchers to develop and use advanced techniques in data science and applied artificial intelligence. Their goal is to identify preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic solutions to help research groups and healthcare workers better understand disease mechanisms and, ultimately, improve patient care.

Assessing the costs of a new medical technology

The Technology Assessment Unit (UET) leads the technology assessment process for new diagnostic or therapeutic procedures at the CHUV. It also provides expert support for innovative strategic projects.

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