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Lake Geneva’s incubator

Thanks to its university hospitals, research centres and numerous start-ups specialising in healthcare, the Lake Geneva region is a leader in the field of medical innovation. Because of this unique know-how, it is sometimes referred to as the “Health Valley".

Each issue of In Vivo Magazine, published by CHUV and produced in conjunction with the LargeNetwork agency, starts with a depiction of the region, a map produced by a renowned visual artist, illustrator or graphic designer.

Staying in the region?

Hôtel des Patients is a modern and comfortable 3-star superior hotel within the grounds of the Lausanne University Hospital. It offers a spectacular view over the lake.

As the first establishment of its kind in Switzerland, the Hôtel des Patients is a concept that draws on the success experienced by Scandinavian countries. Its clientele includes passing tourists, business travellers, the families of patients, not forgetting the patients themselves. Discover this unique concept!

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Health Valley

Discover the latest articles from the "Health Valley" section of In Vivo magazine.

Immunotherapy: shadowing a clinical trial

An In Vivo team was given behind-the-scenes access to a promising clinical trial conducted in Lausanne, which tackles melanoma by focusing on adoptive cell therapy. From obtaining consent to reviewing the results, the team shadowed the first patients to be included in this unique research protocol in Switzerland.

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A bag full of cells

One of the specific features of the ATATIL clinical trial is the production – at CHUV – of lymphocytes that are intended to destroy the tumour. About 15 people work hard in the laboratory to get them to proliferate in time for the infusion.

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"Some doctors don’t realise they’re lying"

French anthropologist Sylvie Fainzang examined how lying is used in the doctor-patient relationship in a landmark book. She highlights the contradictions at a time when the medical community promotes increased patient autonomy.

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